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About Me


Hello! I’m Lisa Feddersen

Mentoring and Coaching came naturally to me during my career in sales management helping people reach their full potential by guiding and coaching them. Over the years, many people have asked if I would “mentor” them, which fueled my passion to help others through significant transitions in their lives with confidence and ease. Guiding people through growth in their professional and personal lives was by far the most rewarding part of my career. 

Because we spend so much of our time at work, business and life coaching many times overlap and inevitably need to be addressed as a whole, leading to positive changes in a person’s overall life and health.

While mentoring clients within their work lives, I discovered many people needed assistance navigating a current job concerning issues with a boss, co-worker or advancing within company.  Many others fell into the category of being dissatisfied with their job and knowing something better was out there- but unsure of how to proceed with an idea or different life they saw for themselves.

Of those people that had a desire to build a business on their own or grow an existing business I’ve been fortunate to partner with over 30 people to start or grow a successful, thriving business in over a dozen fields.

My mission as a mentor and coach is to hear people say, “I love what I do”!  So many people are not happy with what they spend 40+ hours a week doing… I want to change that.  While listening, encouraging and intuitively seeing the uniqueness of each person I am able to help them find their true gifts and talents and bring them to the world, both professionally and personally.

Let me come along on your growth journey, I would be honored to join you.